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DUTTCH Professional

The goal of the Duttch Professional hair care line is to assist smooth and manage hair that has undergone chemical treatment. enhanced with herbal extract to aid hair that is damaged. The recipe with the new cell perfecter technology will assist in restoring the inner structure for natural strength and elasticity as well as helping to protect, condition, and moisturize hair for a healthy-looking, silky shine.

With each wash, it replenishes the hair structure for salon-quality smooth hair.

With a very hydrating combination of aloe vera, vitamin-infused water, and antioxidant-rich plant oils, this shampoo takes nourishment very seriously. Phytonutrients are delivered straight to the hair follicle through a bio-structured herbal compound, which supports scalp stimulation and fortifies the scalp surface. NOURISH shampoo corrects the pH of the scalp, soothes inflammation, and leaves behind a thin film of moisture to bring back the luster and softness of hair. 

What does nourishing shampoo do ?

Nourishing hair shampoos are designed to cleanse and condition the hair in one step, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and manageable. They typically contain ingredients that aim to:

1. Hydrate the hair: Humectants, which draw and hold moisture to the hair shaft, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, are frequently used to do this.

2. Strengthen the hair: Collagen and keratin are two proteins that can be used to help rebuild and mend damaged hair.
3. Enhance shine: To coat the hair shaft and reflect light, silicones are frequently utilized, giving the appearance of shinier hair.
4. Calm the scalp: Aloe vera or oatmeal are two elements found in several nutritious shampoos that help calm an irritated, dry scalp.


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